Need A Weight Loss Calculator Page Is Up And Running

Houston, TX. (PRWEB) March 13, 2012

Weight loss calculator software forms the center piece of a new page that has just been set up by Health hound Ltd. This new page is designed for those people who need a need a weight loss calculator to see how well their diet and exercise plans are working.

Rachel Maylor, one of the Directors on this site said that this new Need a weight loss calculator page on our site is a direct response to a number of people who have been asking us to set up a page where people can measure their weight loss results. We are hoping that people who are on diets and weight loss programs will log onto this page and use the weight loss calculator to see how much weight they have lost. We know how important it is for people to monitor their results when they need to lose weight for the best results so we feel that this new page is an invaluable addition to our site. We hope that our visitors will really appreciate what we have done for them here.

There are a number of sites online that are linked into the health hound site and many of them have picked up on the new Need a weight loss calculator page that has just launched. Some of the people on these sites have been leaving comments about the new page on and so far the comments that have been coming in are very positive with many people asking for more pages like this in their comments.

As well as the new Need a weight loss calculator page the team on the site have also come up with a free report this week on quick and easy ways to lose weight.

The report can be downloaded right now at

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