Dr. Food Medical Group Opens Newest Facility in Irvine, California

Irvine, California (PRWEB) October 08, 2013

Dr. Food Medical Group today officially announced the opening of their newest facility in the city of Irvine, located in Southern Orange County. The new clinic will officially open its doors to the general public on October 10th, and interested parties can already schedule appointments over the phone or on their website.

Employing qualified healthcare providers who meet with patients on a weekly basis, Dr. Food promises a uniquely personal experience that helps people achieve their weight loss goals by understanding everyone as an individual, and prescribing treatment accordingly.

Dr. Food founder and president Raihan Haque M.D. had this to say regarding the new center: I am very excited to be opening this newest center in the heart of Orange County. Dr. Foods mission has always been to use modern medicine to help people make dramatic and definitive changes which improve their quality of life, and were ready to help everyone here struggling with their weight. Look out O.C! Theres a new doctor in town!

Those looking for more information should visit http://www.drfood.com or call (949) 333-3663.

About Dr. Food Medical Group

Dr. Food Medical Group (http://www.drfood.com) is a leader in weight loss, nutritional education, and digital fitness resources. Dr. Foods medical weight loss programs allow patients to rapidly achieve Meaningful Weight Loss. Meaningful Weight Loss is defined as a substantial and lasting reduction in weight which positively impacts well-being and quality of life by enabling people to maintain a healthy weight, adopt smart eating habits, and be physically active.

Dr. Foods medical weight loss programs are comprehensive solutions featuring: physician supervision, prescription weight loss medications, one-on-one personalized clinical support, meal plans based on: fresh foods, nutritional education, physical activity programs, digital fitness resources, and group seminars. All of this vital support is delivered by qualified healthcare providers who strive to understand you as an individual while focusing on the underlying factors contributing to your weight.

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Mediterranean Diet Recipes Club Founder Announces Release of New Report and Trial Membership in the Unique Group

Marcoola, Australia (PRWEB) October 14, 2013

Endorsed by the Mayo Clinic, the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association, the Mediterranean Diet marks a milestone in nutrition, weight loss and maintaining health. The diet was also featured on the popular Dr. Oz TV program, at which time it was noted that this traditional cuisine can also save consumers money on their food bill.

The heart healthy ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet Recipes Club can be combined in multiple ways to appeal to virtually any food preferences. Users can also enjoy an optional glass of red wine each day as an integral part of the diet. One of the many advantages is that the combined ingredients work together without the need to weigh portions or count each calorie.

The Mediterranean food plan utilizes a variety of ordinary herbs and spices that have been used for centuries to provide the body with the nutrition it needs while maintaining good overall health. The diet combines specific foods that work together for optimum results to keep the body healthy.

Inspired by traditional diets consumed by those in the 16 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, recipes provide a wealth of ingredients that keep meals fresh and interesting. Recipes are available for every meal of the day, along with healthy and flavorful snack foods, that work seamlessly within the diet plan.

Studies based on the Mediterranean Diet have shown the plan to be associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, along with a reduction in the incidence of Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease. Those participating in the studies often indicated that they had less pain while following the diet.

The free report offered by Darken provides individuals with data on the types of foods included and how often each should be consumed, along with the benefits and how to replace butter and salt with alternatives that are healthier and easy to obtain. The Mediterranean Diet contains a wealth of ingredients that are considered super foods and key elements for fighting the outward signs of aging.

Darkens free report provides individuals with the information needed to make an informed decision about the many health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. Combined with the unique recipes included in his Recipe Club, people around the globe have the means to live longer, healthier lives with an eating plan endorsed by some of the most prestigious health organizations in the world.

Fans can follow Darken on Twitter. For more information, visit the website at http://www.mediterranean-diet-recipes.info.

SEO Service Group Announces their Latest Client, Best Whey Protein Advices

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) September 07, 2012

SEO Service Groups client, Best Whey Protein Advices, prides themselves with being at the forefront of the whey protein industry. While many reviews fail to mention the benefits of organic protein, the company has embraced the benefits of organic proteins.

When asked about the best organic whey protein, a company representative responded, “Organic whey protein powder is processed from grass-fed cows milk through a scientific and meticulous filtration process to ensure that all vital proteins and other healthy ingredients required for body-development are kept intact and no harmful elements are allowed to pass by. In short, the entire process is intended to extract the right content of proteins, amino acids and good fats and in right proportion.”

The company has seen the fitness industry embrace the use of protein as a natural way to develop muscle faster. This has been one of the topics that Best Whey Protein Advices has tried to stress to its visitors. Without the proper, quality whey protein, the muscles in the body will struggle to repair and grow. However, not every whey protein is created equal. Through thorough, in-depth reviews, visitors from all over the world have been able to find the perfect protein for their needs.

When asked about the best whey protein for women, a company representative stated, “With, weight-loss and a desire to be in a perfect shape, being the greatest wish of every women, most of the whey protein powders and shakes are processed and prepared in such a way so as to only benefit the female body in weight-loss and devoid them of other valuable nutrients so very essential for all-round development. While there is no one brand or a hard and fast rule to choose the best whey for women, there are few considerations which can help you pick the right one.”

For more information about Best Whey Protein Advices and their in-depth reviews, please visit http://www.bestwheyproteinadvices.com.

About Best Whey Protein Advices

Best Whey Protein Advices was established by a fitness enthusiast who found that all of the whey protein reviews on the Internet were biased. This was a turning point for the company. It grew from an idea into a reality where the company now connects with all of the best whey protein manufacturers in the world.

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Celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee Empowers Women in Worlds 1st Hollywood Fitness Model Factory Mega Event Los Angeles California, Coachin Select Group of Beautiful Women

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) April 13, 2012

[Jennifer Nicole Lee sure knows what she is doing when it comes to building a billion dollar body, super successful career, and branded empire. Therefore she knows also how to help other leading professionals in their fitness and beauty fields to be their most effective and efficient best. Co-hosted by President of the http://www.BikiniMommyOnline.com Marina Aleksintser, JNL will be inspiring and educating a choice select group of very special women, with their incredible stories and accolades mentioned below.

Kimberly Castles weight and fat loss success story has been featured on the cover of Oxygen Magazine and in Fitness RX for Women just to name a few. Today she is a working and traveling interior design professional and bikini model but in her early 30s Castle was overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. Armed with the decision change her health for the better Castle lost 40+ pounds and entered her first fitness competition. The empowering experience launched Castle into the health and fitness industry and has gained her the respect of countless fans and professionals. Kimberly is a health and wellness coach, owns her own health and wellness company, is a national level figure/bikini competitor in Canada and the USA, former Miss Model of Canada pageant winner, had written several eBooks and works directly with Oxygenfit to promote a healthy lifestyle to women around the world. Castle has unveiled that the secret to long lasting weight loss is that there is no secret. A commitment to your health in mind and body will help you achieve your fitness goals. Having been in search of the secret herself, she realized only she had control over her eating and workout habits. With a hectic travel schedule, fitness and eating properly is incorporated into her days with a little bit of planning. Goals for the future? Castle has several NPC bikini competitions scheduled for this competition season with the goal of taking home a coveted IFBB Bikini Pro Card in 2012. She graduated with her diploma in Interior Design from Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta. She has her NCIDQ Certification and currently lives in Dallas, TX.

Its hard to believe that just one year ago TheAlliB. was just plain Allison Breen, a regular overweight mom and wife. She made the common New Years Resolution: lose weight! She became determined this was the year she was going to get back the body she had as a former ballet dancer and Pilates trainer. She focused in on JNL and her new JNL Fusion Method via magazine articles and internet workout videos. When she found out about the opportunity to become one the first class of people certified in the JNL Fusion Method she couldnt wait to jump on that plane and push herself out of her comfort zone. Shes glad she did. In just the last year Allison has become TheAlliB., the epitome of the JNL Fusion lifestyle. By working out to the workout program, following the healthy eating and living guidelines in the Jennifer Nicole Lee book: Fitness Model Diet she quickly turned her life and her health around. Once certified she wasted no time in promoting herself and the JNL Fusion Method because she didnt just believe in the JNL Fusion, she was a living example that the JNL Fusion Method works.

Jenna K is a JNL fusion Master Trainer, a Fitness Model Factory super star in the making. With a huge budding following, she has many fitness projects and seminars booked and in the works. Jenna is also a highly sought after nutritional expert, where on her website http://www.JennaKFitness.com you can find many great easy to whip together recipes.

Michelle has been truly inspired by her motivators in fitness magazines , such as Jennifer Nicole Lee who have pushed her to work past her limits and educated her in bodybuilding, dieting, the types of foods that help build muscle, lean her out, and overall keep her body clean. After learning the trade secrets,

Michelles goals for 2012 is the continuous improvement and of her physique, presentation, and media skills. She will continue competing in NPC Muscle Contest events in hopes to become an IFBB Professional in the future. However, it doesnt stop there; Michelle would like to be the type of athlete who is well rounded within the fitness arena and to work with and represent brands that she believes in. What is near and dear to her heart is really about inspiring, motivating, and coaching others. Michelle really wants to be the face for promoting healthy living!

Angela Skeels is a 28 years old and Im a public safety dispatcher for a local police and fire department. She states “I’ve been blessed with talents and abilities that im so grateful for but i needed to find my passion so i can do something with my life., and this passion is fitness!”. By Angela attending Jenifer Nicole Lee’s Fitness Model Factory, she knows she will grow by quantum leaps Being healthy being in the gym working out working hard and pushing myself with a drive like no other drive Ive ever had! I belong in the fitness industry!

Christine Auer was a successful bodybuilding competitor and fitness model in the 90s. However she also has the mind and spirit to match her iconic physique. She now focuses her career on being a highly sought after key note speaker and author, with the goal of inspiring and empowering women world wide.