San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 07, 2014

CloudMetRx, a San Jose, CA, based healthcare solutions provider, today announced the availability of its cloud-based personal healthcare solution and free iPhone App.

CloudMetRx provides tools and information that allow users to play a more active role in their healthcare. By utilizing the app and sensors, which gather health-related metrics, we enable users to become more engaged and take a more active role in managing their health and wellness, and overall medical care.

CloudMetRx Features:

Medication Management Users receive reminders for each dose and refill, and always pay the lowest price. Enter medications and supplements from FDA and NIH databases on the app or website. Refill prescriptions to over 8000+ Walgreens stores right from the app.

Track Exercise and Activity Manually enter information or sync from wearable activity trackers. This feature allows users to better understand how activity and exercise, combined with adherence to prescribed medications and diet, all play a role in improving health outcomes.

Track Vitals Track blood pressure, glucose levels, cholesterol, weight, BMI and more. CloudMetRx allows manual entry or synching from connected medical devices and generates reminders and notifications to the user and caregivers when vitals need prompt attention.

Insights and Reports Users can create custom reports to preview with healthcare providers and discuss a prescribed treatment plan. We deliver these by tracking progress and finding correlations between vitals, medication adherence, side-effects, activity and exercise.

Workplace Wellness To help in lowering healthcare costs for employers, CloudMetRx enables high impact workplace wellness initiatives. These include helping employees in managing chronic conditions and supporting fitness and wellness activities.

Download the free app here.

Diet Doc Announces Diet Plans that Answer the Critical Questions and Teach Patients how to Maintain Permanent Weight Loss

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) October 16, 2014

While almost any sensible diet plan will work to initially shed excess pounds, many dieters become discouraged and lose interest when they encounter a roadblock. With no one to turn to, the dieter typically gives up. With this in mind, Diet Doc developed their diet plans that are all-inclusive and provide their patients with the answers to the critical questions for fast and permanent weight loss.

One of the most frequent weight loss barriers is plateaus. Although the initial weight seemed to melt from the body, that final 10-20 pounds refuses to budge. Because Diet Doc monitors each of their patients progress with scheduled weekly checkup calls, the doctors are quickly alerted if weight loss tapers enabling them to modify the diet plans, reset the metabolism and place the body back into fast burn mode.

Another common diet plan concern is learning how to choose foods that are healthy and will promote weight loss, while still appealing to the taste buds. Diet Docs certified nutritionists work closely with each patient to strategically design meal and snack plans that incorporate a broad spectrum of healthy food choices, including lean proteins and green leafy, fibrous-rich vegetables that leave patients feeling full and satisfied. And, for easier meal planning, new patients also receive a complimentary recipe book featuring over 50 delicious dishes that the entire family can enjoy.

While most dieters will be successful in fast weight loss, most do not know how to maintain their new healthy weight for permanent weight loss. At Diet Doc, patients learn how the body reacts to specific foods and what foods cause a healthy weight reduction in the body. Diet Docs support staff of doctors, nurses, and nutritionists place added emphasis on helping their patients develop new eating habits, and providing increased services to guide patients to more effective permanent weight loss.

New patients will complete a health questionnaire and consult with one of Diet Docs specially trained fast weight loss physicians. During the consult, the doctor will review the entire system to identify hormonal imbalances, cellular toxicity or sluggish organs to uncover the real reason for weight gain. Based on these findings, the doctor will make recommendations, which may include Diet Docs prescription hormone treatments and exclusive diet pills for weight loss of up to 20 pounds per month.

Unlike the competition, Diet Doc patients know that their team is there for them from beginning to end. Available six days per week via email or phone, the professional staff is always eager to answer questions, offer healthy suggestions or simply to lend their unlimited support and encouragement should the patient stumble along the way. This level of personal service and attention has enabled Diet Doc to become the countrys most respected and reliable source of fast and permanent weight loss.

About the Company:

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation’s leader in medical, weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.

Diet Doc Contact Information:

Providing care across the USA


San Diego, CA

(888) 934-4451



Facebook: DietDocMedicalWeightLoss

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